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Farming, Livestock and Agriculture

Pressure Washers for Farming and Agriculture

Cleaning your farm equipment is no job for your standard off-the-shelf pressure washer. You need a cleaning system that combines the perfect amount of hot water and pressure to handle the dirt, mud, manure, and grease you work with everyday. Alkota has been built on the back of America’s ag industry in rural Alcester, SD, an ag-based community of 750 people. We understand the demands of your lifestyle because we live it everyday. When you order an Alkota pressure washer, we put your system together right here in Alcester, surrounded by miles and miles of cornfields and livestock facilities. Not a bad place to test equipment!

In fact, many of our builders either work on the farm today or come from a farming background. Because we are exposed to the same elements, we understand the messes you need your cleaning system to take care of. We have been able craft our pressure washing systems to drive right through built up mud, manure, and grime and hold up to long hours of use. With hundreds of models of commercial grade pressure washers, we will help you find the right system for your specific application whether it has a gas, diesel, or electric powered engine; produces hot or cold water; or is mobile or stationary. If you need something we haven’t created yet, we will custom-build a system just for you. In fact, that’s what we do best. Learn more about our custom pressure washing systems.