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Parts Washer AL2424 Alkota

Parts Washer AL2424 Alkota aqueous parts washer automatic parts washer
<no value>Parts Washer AL2424 Alkota aqueous parts washer automatic parts washer

Parts Washer AL2424 Alkota

Parts Washer Top Load - Are compact with an easy lift lid, great for smaller parts cleaning applications. These units provide the perfect combination of compact design and ease of use. Parts washers by Alkota save you time and money cleaning your parts in just minutes. It’s simple put your parts on the turntable, close the door and set the timer. Come back in a few minutes and your parts will be grease and oil free. Alkota aqueous parts washers operate with hot water and biodegradable detergents. This eliminates the need for damaging solvents and aerosol cleaners. Your Alkota distributor will custom fit your parts washer to meet your needs. Model AL2424 features a 24” turntable and 24” working height capable of holding 500 lbs.

Solution Capacity
98 gal
Turntable Load Limit
500 lbs
Pump Flow Rate at 50 psi
26 gpm
230 v
Motor Power
3 hp
Number of Jets
Pump Motor Type
Cast Iron Vertical Sealless Pump
Electric Wash Heater Power
9 kw
10 gauge Tank|12 gauge Door and Cabinet Steel Plate
Hinged Door
Top Load
Turntable Motor Type
Gear Driven
Oil Skimmer
Stainless Disc style
Wash Timer
60 min
Turntable Diameter
24 in
Working Height
24 in
Overall Width
35 in
Overall Height
37 in
Overall Depth
48 in
400 lbs

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