Pressure washers hot water ready -The Alkota SH series cold water pressure washers are portable cold water power washers designed to handle incoming hot water up to 180 degree F. SH cold water pressure washers are perfect for applications where you have an in house boiler, water heater, or another hot water source. SH models feature a heavy duty roll cage frame with lifting hook. These power washers are designed for industrial usage, powered by electric motors and belt driven pump systems. These features will deliver you results with quiet operation and low vibration. With the addition of hot water, you will decrease your cleaning time and increase your performance. Cold water pressure washer models provide you a FREE: industrial hose with a swivel end and bend restrictor, professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock, insulated wand for user safety, and quick connect nozzle. Along with all that Alkota provides a winterizing valve to help you protect your investment against freezing. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you.

Pressure Washer SH Series Hot Water Ready