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Hot Water Pressure Washers for Oil, Gas, and Mining

Oil derricks

When you work in the oil, gas, and mining industries, it is nearly impossible to keep equipment clean. Layers and layers of oil and dirt cake up in every last nook and cranny, which slowly wears out your equipment. Hot water pressure washers are the only way to successfully clean every square inch of your equipment.

Hot water cuts right through the grime and breaks down any built up dust or grease. Just like when you wash your hands, hot water softens and loosens the dirt better than cold water. Pair the hot water with one of our powerful degreasers or detergents, and your mess will be gone in no time!

Cleaning up a mess in your industry isn’t just a 15 minute job. You likely have trucks and heavy equipment that need to be continuously cleaned. Because your team will be cleaning equipment day in and day out for long periods at a time, we have built our pressure washers to withstand constant use. We build our hot water cleaning systems with our industry leading hydro insulated coil, which provides for safer operation and energy cost savings. This coil is built to hold up under the most extreme conditions.

With all of our hot water pressure washers, you will be protected by a 7-year coil warranty from Alkota. When you buy an Alkota product, you can guarantee that you will be taken care of by Alkota and your local dealer of our cleaning systems

Flexibility in Our Line of Power Washers

coal mining dozer

Alkota hot water power washer units are built to attack your dirt and grease whether you have a stationary wash bay or need your power washer to be on the move down in the trenches with you. We have a wide lineup of mobile, stationary, and trailer-mounted hot water cleaning systems that have proven to be the most durable in the industry. We have gas, diesel, and electric powered units available, so you will also be able to choose a unit to fit your power source.

If you are looking to have a custom unit built into your operation, we will custom build your system. Each of our power washing units is hand-built in the United States, so we can customize any system to fit into your workflow. Just give us a call and we can start putting together your custom cleaning system today.